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Aaliyah for MAC

An Ode to Baby girl in Shape of Makeup / AALIYAH 

Just like the Selena Quintanilla’s collection,  AALIYAH for MAC was collection created due to public demand. Fans coming together from all over the world to let their wish be known. Consequently, Mac Cosmetics had no choice but to hear us! This collection is a family effort. Quite literally.

Aaliyah’s family, friends and former makeup artists finally came together to make sure each item honored baby girl and her minimalist, sleek effortless style. AALIYAH for MAC is a lip heavy collection. For a makeup nut like myself it is heaven!  All the lip colors are inspired by looks Liyah wore on the red carpet and some of them are inspired by her music videos. My favorite of the collection is LiLi’s motor city is the perfect everyday color. I’ll be posting swatches and looks very soon.

Aaliyah Mac

The lipsticks, bronzing powder & eye shadow palette comes in a gorgeous wine red/burgundy color. It mimics the background color in Aaliyah’s first cassette with the ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’ single. Talk about attention to detail.

Aaliyah Mac

Aaliyah Mac

‘Try again’ it’s the perfect nude if you have a medium to dark skin tone like. Seems like all colors have a lipglass to be paired with. ‘Try again’ + ‘Brooklyn born’ on top is perfection. It looks even more beautiful, specially in a smokey and light bronzed face combo.

Aaliyah Mac

A Fan Must Have cause we just get it!

So, this collection is based on Liyah’s videos & her own makeup bag that her mother kept in storage. Therefore this collection is random. As a fan looking at it, I don’t think it was meant to ”cater” to us anyways. With things we need or what we like. It’s literary a little piece of her world. What she wore everyday, what she liked. Stuff she picked herself, this one detail alone makes this collection even more personal.

Again, because the colors were based on the colors she had on her makeup bag right before she left us, that’s what makes this collection unique and special. I’m so grateful for it, but if you are not an obsessed fan some items  will go right over your head (Bronzing Powder anyone?). I got the Vault and every item separately so I can wear it in special occasions!!

Aaliyah Mac

Look One /  David LaChapelle

Finally, have a look below! I made a little list with some of my favorite Aaliyah songs. I love them all the same, each and every single one of them represents my childhood. Even though a 11 year old shouldn’t be enjoying ”Rock the Boat” so much. Dude. That’s was (and still) my jam! ”Try Again” is my ultimate ‘pick me up’ song.

Look Two /  1998 YM Mag

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through or/and actually reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Aaliyah is a timeless icon that will forever be part of my life. This collection is my most precious collectible so far. Enjoy Liyah’s angelic voice & some of  Timbaland’s unmistakable beats below.

Try Again

Journey to the Past

Rock the boat

Hot Like Fire

I Care 4 U

One in a million

Liyah’s Favorites & Dupes 

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