Daniela Brousse 

Finally a new post  and new Dublin Faces after 1000 years of silence (As my husband would say: Oh the drama!). I just want to make sure I am adding good content to the site from photos to text. And usually good content takes time and effort and now that blog is getting shaped more and more like a website (still not sure about what…). Is no longer just a blog, I’m trying my best to write about things and people that are inspiring. Another post and another beautiful Face!  I had the pleasure to meet beauty/fashion blogger Daniela Brousse and her gorgeous family. We hung out at The Benefit Boutique, South William Street and the lovely Aisling was Dany’s makeup artist for the day.

Daniela Brousse 

Aisling was awesome! And so were all the beautiful girls at the boutique and I will be back. I really want to dedicate a whole post only to the salon and the Benefit girls. Their friendly faces and perfect cat liners everywhere. Now back to Dany, the reason why I reached out to her to be part of Dublin faces is because we sort of know each other for a very long time but we never really met.

She also have the 3 languages “situation” going on in her house so I wanted to know what is her approach (definitely better than mine that’s for sure!). She is beautiful and loves fashion, make-up and writes about everything to do with family life all that girlishness that we love! So yeah, perfect for the blog.


Where are you from and Why Dublin? I am originally from Brazil  – São Paulo actually. Ireland never crossed my mind or even going abroad by myself. I had a cousin who was living in Dublin and he offered me to come and learn English. As never say no to a great opportunity, here I am! What surprised you the most when you arrived here? How GREEN is this place! I fell in love. I could finally understand why Ireland is known as The Emerald Isle.


What was the best thing that happened to you here, in Dublin?

 I’m getting emotional answering this question…Today I can say I’m complete. I have the best gift that God could give me, it is MY OWN FAMILY. I have to thank firstly GOD and Secondly  my Cousin who gave me the opportunity to come to Ireland. And here I found the love of my life, my French prince, my husband Sylvain and after my beautiful son Lucas.


Tuesday I get the day to write some contents or record for YouTube. Trying to find the best way to not be all the time on internet but we all know it’s not easy. When you sit in front of the computer what or who inspires you to write? To have inspiration to write is not easy for me, really depends on my mood. That’s why I just post when I am inspired. Because the blog is a part of me and what I feel and I don’t want to post only for the sake of saying “it’s done”.  I want to inspire people.
Daniela Brousse 

What was it like growing up in São Paulo? How was your life like? Growing up in São Paulo, was not the easiest thing. I am from a very modest family. We didn’t have the best clothes or toys, but we had the most important. We had each other. I have 2 siblings, Renato 25 and Bruno 21. I had the best childhood I could ever ask for. We didn’t have a life filled with luxuries but we had the best we could have from our parents. LOVE.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently and keep up with everything else in your life?  I don’t know if I can say that I do run my blog efficiently. I wish I could give more time to it. At the moment what come first in my life is my family and  especially my baby.

The blog is a part of my life. What I try to do is to wake up super early before Lucas and I try to keep my blog up to date or after Lucas goes to bed. I schedule my day, for example Monday I don’t blog at all, I just take care of Lucas and the house. Daniela Brousse Daniela Brousse

❝ Today I can say I’m complete. I have the best gift that God could give me, MY OWN FAMILY … 

❝ If you have a baby don’t be scared to speak your own language with him, he will thank you in the future. ❞

Daniela Brousse 

You have a beautiful blog, full of fashion, beauty and family life but can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?  Wow thank you. Well I don’t have much to talk about myself. Hahah I am Brazilian, I am 31 years old I have been living in Ireland for the past 6 years.

Being married to the most beautiful man I could ever ask God for. I have got a beautiful son called Lucas and I am bit crazy, I don’t care what people think about me. I just want them to respect me the same way I would respect them.

In my blog, I talk about what I love: fashion, makeup, lifestyle and family. I am a full time mum and it consumes most of my time (and I love it), to take me away from this world (mum and Son) for few minutes I blog. If you want to know a bit more go check my blog: danielabrousse.com

Now let’s talk about your beautiful family, how is like and what is the most difficult thing about raising a multilingual child? Having a family is just the best. They give me strength to follow my dreams and fight for what I want and believe in. At the moment, I can say that the hardest part is raising my baby away from both families.

It is even harder than raising  him in a multilingual environment. Because I think when you have the support and love of your family you feel safer and protected.  Since I found out that I was expecting a baby, I was sure I was going to raise him with 3 languages. Daniela Brousse Daniela Brousse

Daniela Brousse 

He is just 17 months, he does not speak yet.

Just a few words such as mama, papa, vovó, vovô, titio, titia, tata, tonton, mami, papi, aguá etc; He does not know how to create full sentences yet.

It’s normal as he is learning 3 languages at the same time (French, Brazilian Portuguese and English). But I can tell you he understands everything.

We read and hear from friends who are in the same situation as us, that it will take him a little longer to speak and when he starts he will mix the 3 languages.
I  have to say raising Lucas in this environment has been the best experience ever and the great thing is that I can learn with him. If you have a baby don’t be scared to speak your own language with him, he will thank you in the future.

3 beauty products you can’t ‘’live’’ without and why? Mascara: Who can live without it???? It gives us life, you can look super tired but the mascara gives you power. Haha

Lipstick: I love lipstick, even though I don’t wear it every day, I can not leave the house without a lipstick in my bag just in case. Anything can happen, an event, photo shoot or any date with friends. Be prepared.

 Concealer:  I could live without foundation but I can not live without a great concealer. Because you can do the foundation job with your concealer and  have a great coverage. Daniela Brousse Daniela Brousse

Daniela Brousse


”Crazy mum but in a good way, who lives the life day by day, trying to be the best mum and wife I could be. Even though I know it’s impossible to be the best. My life in Ireland is great, I have my family they are my treasure. Of course my life would be perfect if I had my parents around me, as we can not have everything I can say that I am the happiest woman in the world!” – To read more about Dany go to danielabrousse.com  and to keep up with – Daniela Brousse Daniela Brousse

her latest posts and news don’t forget to follow her on Facebook  Instagram Twitter   YouTube . Photos by Emmanuelle Kus, Makeup by Aisling with Benefit CosmeticsDany is wearing  Hello Flawless Foundation in ”Amber’‘, box o’ powder ‘‘Sugar Bomb” / ‘‘Hoola” and ‘‘Watts Up”  highlighter  for a full list just check below and visit Dany’s site for tips on this look – Special Thanks to Benefit South William st. for letting us shoot in their boutique. Daniela Brousse Daniela Brousse

Shop Benefit  Flawlessness!

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  1. Daniela says:

    Hi Emmi,

    Thank you very much for the opportunity, I had the best experience. I’d love to thank you to let me apart of this beautiful project. I wish all the best for you and your blog. xxx

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