Emmanuelle Kuś is a self taught Dublin based portrait, fashion photographer & content creator. She is also a Marketing & PR Graduate and a Fashion Buying & Merchandising student ( Now Graduate!). Please don’t hesitate to email if you’re interested in shooting or collaborating! For business or any questions about it: Contact Us and don’t forget to visit her Portfolio One.

Hello! The text up there is the ”Official” about me page that apparently every website has these days but with that out of the way, my name is Emmanuelle Kuś Emmi if you came in peace or simply haven’t got the time to figure out the correct pronunciation of Emmanuelle (by the way is EH-MA-NU-EH-LEE if you care) Thank you for passing by. In case you are confused, this website is basically where I share my photos but above all a place where I can share my thoughts, things, places and people that I find inspiring. They are all very random but they are all very beautiful so I think a “Beauty Site”  tittle would be a good fit.

This Site is a organized mess site ( and grammar assassination site even though I try my best, my English is only good enough to screw up my Portuguese). It’s also dramatic, I mean very dramatic! Specially beauty reviews. I’m obsessed with the Renaissance, Baroque & Rococo era. You will also see my photography popping here, there and everywhere!

– xx Emmi

A Super extra Ps: This site not only accepts but welcome submissions with open arms! If there is something you would like to be posted here like, a review, opinion piece, thoughts on a trendy topic or a life story don’t be shy! We’ll put together a lovely piece for you, with your words. For all our visitors to see!

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