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The Ordinary / After Three Years

The Ordinary-Emmanuelle Kus

The Ordinary is basically these little lab vials (of sensible everyday magic) that you can identify by its key ingredient in the formula. That is it! No fancy marketing, no gimmicks just formula. It kinda baffles me that the skincare industry just carried on, business as usual even after The Ordinary. Since it’s price, quality and transparency as a brand should’ve (in my opinion) break the skincare industry in half but it didn’t. That just lets you know how huge this market truly is. But anyways…

Lip Filler Effect / Lip Filler At Home

 Homemade Lip Filler Effect / So, I know the title is a bit clickbait ish. No! I'm not saying you should inject your lips with a homemade filler! But, hear me out... I've just finished my Instant Effects 3D Lip Plumping Treatment. And, I was so impressed and happy with the results I didn't even