The Burberry Fresh Glow  

The Burberry Fresh Glow is a multi use Illuminator, it’s one of these products that grabs your attention. From the moment you see the package (if you are a makeup addict like myself) you fall in love.

It comes in a gorgeous bottle and like all Burberry beauty products. It has a beautiful sleek design that would sit beautifully on any shelf. I discover this product through the relaxing (almost therapeutic) Burberry YouTube videos that I sometimes play on the background while I’m doing something else.

This particular video with the ever so soothing voice of one of my favorite makeup artists. Wendy Rowe is not just extremely relaxing but also shows how Wendy would use the product. But the tutorial is with a model with flawless and shamelessly perfect skin.

Burberry Fresh Glow

Burberry Fresh Glow

I had this product for a while but…

This blog has been in a zombie state for while and this post should have been written a while ago. Like, six or eight months ago when my skin wasn’t as bad as it is today, but still… Was pretty bad. This product it’s not the type of product that makes you happy to apply. So, write about it or post pictures of my peasant face wearing it badly wasn’t fun.

As you probably already figured out. No. I did not like this product! Burberry Fresh Glow it’s a good product if you have perfect skin, I mean PERFECT skin! Not a single thing wrong with it! Because if you do  this product will grab it, intensify it and put it on a frame for everybody to see. I did have 5 seconds break with my skin a while a go (oh the memories).

The Pros & Cons

So, once upon a time my skin was looking pretty good. I was actually able to enjoy it even though it is very glittery it gives you the glow that it promises. It highlights the higher points of your face. No greasy look. If you have any sort of dry patch or acne scarring it will highlight that too. Unlike brands like Glossier, that is definitely made for people with zero need for full coverage anything.

It does not really inspire you to do better or maybe focus more on your skin’s health instead of covering it up. Glossier for example, won’t cover up any of your skin flaws but it will hydrate, plump and make the  good skin around the acne scarring and pigmentation look so fresh. Glossier will make you focus more on the good stuff about your skin and forget a little bit about the bad.

But if your skin it’s not perfect the Burberry Fresh Glow will just remind you that your skin it’s sh*t right now, take your €41.00 and bounce out of there in 5 – 6hrs!

Glow on. If you can!

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