Captain Marvel / Do Movies Even Matter?

It matters, what it doesn’t matter or make sense is this illusion that dismissing the significance that movies have in western society will make them less significant. A movie cannot shape a generation but it can inspire one. After over 100 years of film making its power is undeniable.

There is a reason why communist or dictatorial countries have a tight grip on what citizens watch or are exposed to. Movies can change minds, warm hearts and influence us. After 10 years of being hypnotized by seeing the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe being shaped right in front of us, thousands of cosplays, Halloween costumes and millions of movie tickets sold. How could someone say it doesn’t matter?

However, with that being said, I feel that we might be giving movies a little too much power. So much, that movie makers are having a hard time playing mom & dad and managing the power they have in their customers life. Yes, that’s what we are, customers. By trying to please everyone whilst trying to run a profitable business, some are failing miserably. Like a parent trying to be their child’s best buddy by buying them beer. And we are the ones who are missing out.

I think we need to be more realistic about what to expect from movies, movies are a big part of our lives. But some of us are treating it as if it was everything, so much time and effort putting on demands and how it should be and represent. It’s becoming more of a political statement than entertainment. Movies usually don’t do well under such pressure, such serious, serious social pressure.

And talking about social pressure, we need to give Captain Marvel herself a bit of a break…

Actors Will Act(out)

So, about the leading actress and suppose new Avengers big boss. To be honest, I never heard of or about this actress before the online controversy surrounding Captain Marvel started. According to rumors, she was scooped up to be Captain Marvel right after winning an Oscar for best actress back in 2016. Something that seemed like a good idea at the time. It was rushed. Consequently, the chances of her being a miscast were high from the very beginning.

The ”Her Speech”

There is a video of her basically (Let’s call it what it is) discriminating Caucasian middle-aged men in some sort of conference or press junket. It popped up on my feed before the actual Captain Marvel trailer did. As I always take everything on my social media with a grain of salt (now a spoon full) I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was so clear that the little snipped was being misinterpreted, I just moved on. Neither right or left (wink), just forward.

So about that video. In the video she was trying to talk about having a little more inclusion in the ”Movie Critic” business. Even though it was delivered poorly the intentions behind it were good, misinformed but current and as trendy as ever. She is also saying and ”doing” things that are very hard to take seriously coming from her, so I just don’t.

I think the actress is not responsible for the poor (and 30 years too late) choices of the marketing team behind this movie either. And she is getting a lot of backlash for it. In the end of the day, it does not matter how you see it, how I see it, how she sees it. She is an actress in a movie, that’s it. She was offered a job, she accepted the job and she did that job! (Well or not, it will be there for us to judge and judge we will). The impact the movie will have as a whole is what matters.

Get Your Marvel On!

Go or Not?

In conclusion, I think we should treat Captain Marvel like we’ve been treating the others MCU movies. Is a piece of a puzzle that we’re really enjoying putting together for the last 10 year. So go, go see the movie and give it a fair chance based on what you think of it as a whole. And, cause… Samuel Leroy Jackson.

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