Causebox / Cute Intentions But…Nah!

Causebox is not trending, but their ‘’business model” definitely is. Which would be amazing if most of these high-profile businesses weren’t lacking the very same thing they preach to have and poking at us (with gorgeous looking ads) to get some more of. Now, I did like my very first Causebox, there is nothing wrong with the items.

I love subscription boxes and supporting one with such a great idea behind it was a win win (win) situation. Imagine my surprise when I opened my beautifully designed box to find out that all but ONE product was made in China.

I don’t get it, you cannot tell me that all these small businesses and artisans in 3rd world countries have access to a manufacture based in China. Even the most expensive item (PMD) was assembled in… wait for it…ah, China! I mean…bruh.

The idea

Causebox supposed to be a subscription service that includes responsibly sourced, socially conscious, beauty products, accessories, home decor, etc. You will this on their website “Make a Difference! Ethically made, sustainably sourced, cruelty free. We have high standards.” These buzz words really got me. I was so intrigued and excited to sign up even though buying from Ireland the box actually cost me €86.75. And the VAT on products from the US will probably increase soon, but it’s such a great idea right?


The execution

The box art is really beautiful, inclusive and trendy. When I actually received my box, I didn’t see any of it.  I was sure it would have a least one black owned start up product (socially conscious), some handmade stuff bought directly from small businesses (responsibly sourced), quirky American brands or at least brands that are very clear about the hefty sum they will donate to charity and good causes (Make a Difference). That would be the absolute minimum they could do based on their very well crafted pitch.


Surprised? No. Disapoined, well…Causebox

I really like the items in the box but I’m active trying to stay away from manufactures based in a place where forced labour for extremely low wages is fine. A place where they have to install nets all over windows of tall buildings so the staff putting together your iPhone won’t jump to their deaths in desperation and exhaustion, they cannot leave before meeting their targets.

A place where ”employees” are locked in, until the work is done and Labour Camps? It’s all good! Is a re-education camp (wink wink). But hey, it came with a beautiful insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

I’m not saying any of the manufactures in the Fall Causebox is a part any of this, but how would I know? In their Impact Page they are making a lot of big beautiful promises, but there is no way for the subscriber to really know and then you receive a box full of MADE IN CHINA products, urgh.

We would always expect this type of trick from celebrities or big brands but to see emerging businesses coming up in a time of change (being pushed by those who are truly trying to change) turn around and just be the same old while pretending to be the new is tad sad. I know it’s just a box but still…

Causebox, I was rooting for you we were all rooting for you how dare you?! But I’ve definitely learned something from this. It’s a pretty decent subscription box just like any other but greener, fairer, kinder? Nah!

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