The Ordinary, Three Years After…

The Ordinary is basically these little lab vials (of sensible everyday magic) that you can identify by its key ingrident in the formula. That is it! No fancy marketing, no gimmicks just formula. It kinda baffles me that the skincare industry just carried on, business as usual even after The Ordinary. Since it’s price, quality and transparency as a brand should’ve (in my opinion) break the skincare industry in half but it didn’t. That just let’s you know how huge this market truly is. But anyways…

The Ordinary-Emmanuelle Kus

Overwhelmingly Efficient  

Simple formulas, with a high concentration of one great ingredient works. Who knew?! That is why Deciem products works (most of the time) they are the less is more of the skincare world. But just like anything skincare, it can become overwhelming. It will take while (One year for me) for you to figure out the best products for you, just for you! And because of its price tag and high-quality ingredients, it can be tempting to just buy everything. But, there is when you may spoil it. If you decide to give The Ordinary a chance, stay away from the ‘peeling’ anything on the beginning. Start with the fun water-based stuff! They pretty much use Hyaluronic acid as a base for most of their serums so you can get your ”acid” fix from that!

The Ordinary- Emmanuelle Kus

Not Everything Is For You

Stay away from formulas that are tad too complicated so you won’t have to do research every time your Deciem order arrive, just to remind yourself ”what was that again?”. If you decide to go for any of it, start with the mild to low irritation and understand that your skin will try to adjust itself to it, that means temporary (small, but sill) breakouts and redness. Carry on with the same percentage for at least 6 months before going higher. I figure this out the hard way with my Retinol 0.5% in Squalane (0.5% is high for a first-timer! The less is more is quite literal when you are looking at these percentages) Now I’m building up towards it ever so slowly with my Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane.

The Ordinary-Emmanuelle Kus

The One For Everyone!

The one product I believe would be beneficial to anyone is the Argireline Solution 10% this product just works! It really does, it hasn’t resolved all of my skin troubles but I can see that the overall health of my skin is much better since I’ve started using this product every day 2x a day. Its claims to improve the appearance of facial dynamic folds, like eyes, smile lines and lines in the forehead area still to be challenged, as I’m in my early 30’s. I’m more than happy and willing to carry on soaking my face in this for the next 30 years! My husband’s skin is the exact opposite of mine, very sensitive, oily and prone to redness and it works for his skin just as well. The only tricky part is him reminding himself to wash his face and apply it every day, but that is another post *types in frustration* .

The Ordinary-Emmanuelle Kus

From Where To Start

Start with a steamer, yes, a steamer! Like I said, Hyaluronic acid is pretty much in every serum, and without complicating too much Hyaluronic acid can plump and pull in moisture into your skin but when applied in a dry environment it will do the opposite. I use my trusted everyday clothes steamer, just keep it in a safe and comfortable distance (no need to get fancy). Just before applying my Argireline solution followed by (2 drops of each) Buffet + Niacinamide + HA+B5.  I just mix everything in my hand. If you want something just for your eye area, I found that (1 drop of each) Matrixyl 10% + Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG are basically witchcraft! You’ll need to ”lock” all of that goodness in with a moisturizer and to be honest their moisturizers are their weakness. So I stayed clear.


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