Jessica Nogueira

So,  I had the pleasure to sit down with one of  Dublin’s  new faces (unfortunately she is just passing by), Jess White is this awesome, beautiful and talented girl that I spotted on Henry st. Dublin 1. I am going to be honest, I looked at her first and then listened to her music after (I know, not cool) but she’s got this fresh, very cool style that gets people attention. She still defining herself as an artist and she definitely has her mind set in the right place: MUSIC. Sales Jessica nogueira 




Dublin PhotographerDublin Faces / by Emmanuelle Kus

Jessica Nogueira


Where are you from? And why Dublin? 

I’m Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro! I study Creative Advertising in Leeds – UK and I decided to spend my holidays here in Dublin to stay with friends that live here. I’ve always worked with music and I saw an opportunity to busk and play some music around.

What surprised you the most when you arrived  in Dublin

The city is very busy and Dublin has loads of buskers! That’s what surprised me the most.

The first thing I noticed about you is that you have a very specific style. Have you always dressed like this? It looks pretty cool. 

I used to dress for hot weather. In Brazil my clothes were always skirts, sandals, dresses. I had to find out my style here and I’ve been experiencing some pieces that I like and fit my personality, so that’s basically what I dress like.

What inspired you to start playing guitar? 

I had piano lessons when I was a kid and started right away to write songs. I was about 6 years old. When I became a teenager I just wanted people to know my songs and pianos were just so big! Then I got my aunt’s guitar and started learning by myself. After a while I just fell in love with guitars, specially with metal strings, then I identified myself and my style with just being me and my guitar on stage. Ikea Sales

Jessica Nogueira


What was it like growing up in Rio de Janeiro? What’s the music scene like?

 Rio de Janeiro is very big and I got influenced by a big variety of music styles. Rio is very cultural and good for art. This really took part in my life though my real music style is just a lot more like Folk and European culture than Brazilian culture. They have good stuff such as Bossa Nova and Samba in the music scene,  which I love. However, what comes out from me and my writings is a crazy mixture of pop, folk and Brazilian sounds.

How do you make the transition of the songs you play and why do you choose those songs? 

Covers are great because I see people having fun with it. I usually pick songs that I like and that people have listened before. And I mix covers with my own songs. I have a list of the songs that I play and I chose the song according to the audience and to what the timing is asking for. So the transition  depends on the moment.

Do you see yourself staying in Dublin or moving to a different city? 

As I said, I can’t stay here for so long, my classes start in the end of September, so I will have to go back to Leeds. Though Dublin is  really busy and I just love so much working with music everyday. I’d stay here yes, if I could. And I would keep busking! Haha. Dublin Dresses Sales

Do you think about the performative aspect of your music while you’re singing?

 Definitely! I studied Musical Theater and acting so hard. I enjoy a good performance and I want myself to be a performer and of course, a good performer. When I’m singing I think if I let it flow and interact with the audience, the performance will be nice, but it’s not just that, we have to be totally in love with it, it has to do with a lot of passion.

For you Busking Is…  Sales

Amazing! I love to see people smiling at me and liking my music. I love being so close to the audience jess jess

Jessica Nogueira

 Jess White Story / by Jessica 

It was never easy to be an artist. My parents were always against this idea. Although I always tried hard to keep it alive. I started playing piano at my aunt’s house at the age of 6. She has a very important role model in my life regarding to music, she played piano lessons for me after realizing I liked it and that’s when I began creating songs. I have songs written about 15 years ago. Jessica Nogueira Jessica Nogueira

When I turned 15 she gave me my first guitar, I learned it with my English teacher and fell in love with the instrument. I had tried dentistry to make my parents happy, but I didn’t like at all! So at the age of 19, I went to New York Film Academy to study Musical Theater and see if that made me happy. And I got a scholarship!

Jessica Nogueira

Which was amazing, but my parents didn’t allow me to stay and finish the course, so I had to leave behind the idea of the Musical Theater course. I went back to Brazil and kept doing acting, but never gave up on trying with music. My parents made it so difficult and as I had to have a “serious” diploma, which could not be of Music or Theater, I thought about transferring my Advertising course to a different country. Jessica Nogueira Jessica Nogueira

In the middle of this all, I found out the Creative Advertising course at Leeds College of Art. They said yes, and finally I could study something I like, related to creativity, which I love. Right now I am free to be myself and do what I most love, without pressure. And guess what, everything has been surprising me in all aspects, especially  music. Jessica Nogueira Jessica Nogueira

Photos & Makeup by: Emmanuelle Kus with MAC Cosmetics, Jess is wearing Mac Lipstick in Diva and highlighter in ”Soft & Gentle”, for a full list go to – Beauty Special Thanks to Waltons Music for letting us shoot in their store.dresses

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