This post is very late I know, The Festival of Curiosity: Future/Fashion Electro Threads Runway Show & Irish Design Showcase Design and fashion actually took place last Thursday. I had the intention to post it straight afterwards but it just didn’t happen.

About the half a** video I really wanted to enjoy the event and take it all in as I haven’t been in this type of atmosphere in a very long time and I wanted to enjoy this gorgeous event without worrying about angles.

The whole show looked amazing, my only complaint is: It was too short! It could’ve had at least ten designers! I would gladly sit and enjoy each and every single design without even feeling the time passing.

The Designers of the night were:

Ally Nolan /  Maureen Selina Laverty  Rebecca Marsden  / Danielle Jordan  / Dearbhla O Beirne   / Róisín Pierce 

The event was a fusion of technology, design/fashion. The designer had the daunting task to come-up and create a design in only two months. The fact that they pulled it off so beautifully was really amazing. And you can click on their names, follow them on Social Media or go to The Festival of Curiosity site and read a little more about these amazing artists. Thanks to the lovely @sokky74 for letting me know what’s up! 

Festival of Curiosity

Fashion + Future

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