I am a sucker for Glossybox as you  already know, my Youtube channel is only videos of me opening them (and I love them by the way I am not complaining). To be honest I am quite happy with the products I am getting most of the time. It’s not always perfect tho! But it saves me time and money as well as helping me discover products that other wise I would not even know about it.

I’ll have to let go of Glossybox for couple of months. I will write a post and make a video of the overall experience before re-subscribing if I decide to do so, but anyways…

This month’s box was pretty awesome! Four full size products made it even better. I was long waiting for a Sleek Makeup product and this month I got it! I wanted to try nip+fab since for ever and this month I got it!

This Month’s Glossybox

On this video I’m using Vogue as a background. It really looked great this month with a lot of inspiring images and almost  0% of you know who. The amount of Ads still ridiculous but the creative and well written (few) articles made it worth it. Our darling Kate was in the cover I just could not say no to it. I am no longer collecting UK or US (specially US) Vogues as it does not feel like a magazine anymore. Instead, it looks like I am collecting a book of ads with  occasional breaks featuring reality show (overhyped) “models” but this is another post, back to the box!

I’m not overly excited about hair products and this month was no different.  The ‘Got to be Playful’ Hairstyling primer smells really good.  The Eye Cream OOLUTION Eye love is great I’ve used every single drop! The It works Primer is really great and it seats well under makeup. It does not have spf but I would apply spf even if it had so… I am on my way to finishing it, I am wearing it most days.

I am adding this bit of the post 2 months later –  And I can assure you the IWhite Instant teeth whitening WORKS! I’m actually kind of shocked and waiting for some sort of side effects but no, it really does whiten your teeth instantly without causing sensitivity or any problem with your gums #shook ! Could not recommend Glossybox enough!!

Video by Emmanuelle Kus with Nikon D7000, Samyang 85mm f/1.4

From Past Glossys!

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