Homemade Lip Filler Effect / So, I know the title is a bit clickbait ish. No! I’m not saying you should inject your lips with a homemade filler! But, hear me out… I’ve just finished my Instant Effects 3D Lip Plumping Treatment. And, I was so impressed and happy with the results I didn’t even think about photographing it and writing a post on it. I just used it all up! That is very rare for me to do since I tend to get a little distracted with other similar products. But I can promise you (so far) there is nothing in the market as impressive. There is only one tiny problem…

It cost £24.99 for 5ml plus shipping and the applicator is always a bit faulty. It makes you waste quite a bit of product. The truth is £24.99 for a Lip Plumping Treatment is very indulging and over the top. So, I didn’t get my third one. But I (accidentally) found a very, very similar substitute! But instead of 5ml, you’ll get 1kg of it!! Here is my little DIY Lip Plumping hack that works and lasts!  Homemade Lip Filler Effect, Homemade Lip Filler Effect

So, you’ll need Nurifi or Holika Holika Aloe Vera Gel and a very old Foreo Luna ish knock-off sonic facial cleansing brush. Apply the gel on your lips as if you are applying a lip balm, wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Then, start massaging your lips with the sonic brush for about a minute. That’s it!! The Effects are extremely similar to Instant Effects 3D Lip Plumping Treatment! I mean, really similar!

Your lips will be super plumped and hydrated throughout the day. To intensify the effect apply a balm right after to keep the moisture in. Hopefully, just like me, you’ll feel your lips getting less dry and shrunk at the end of each day. Is a very neat hack and you can pretty much use your Aloe for anything hair, cuticles, skin and your Instagram worthy lips!

Plump It Up!

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