Re-Writing History & Cancel Culture

Leaving Neverland / The reason why I chose  a fragment of Marie Antoinette’s petticoat for the cover, is because this case reminded me of it somehow. Even more than herself, her wardrobe was legendary but only this torn piece of fabric and a single shoe survived. It had nothing to do with time, for people loved to hate her just as much as they loved to love her. By destroying her possessions was somehow like destroying her. For me this piece of torn yet beautiful embroidered fabric, barely ”hanging in there” reminds me of Michael Jackson’s reputation and legacy. Right now there is a #mutemichaeljackson going around, people are actively trying to destroy and torn his legacy apart. In my opinion, erasing or re-writing history is not the right response to a one-sided documentary. But… Leaving Neverland Leaving Neverland

Why Are They Leaving Neverland Now?

I want to start by letting you know of my possible bias when it comes to MJ (Yes, I just called him MJ). I’m a fan, but I’m also a mother of boys and a person living in this world that also thinks that sleeping in the same bed with other people’s children is weird. Or at least, not appropriate. It does not matter how big is your bed in your two story bedroom. Is just a bad idea, but…

Why did they waited so long to say something? The truth is, sometimes when people are abused is not uncommon for them to wait until their abuser is dead to come out with their story. Especially if the so-called abuser is someone powerful. They would feel much safer right? Yes, but…

There is this Loophole in the statute of limitations that Wade and James are making use of to sue the Michael Jackson estate. And the only time for them to do that (With some chance of success) would be now. The timing of this Documentary is very unfortunate because it all points to one thing… Money.

But… Evidence!

Apart from the victims very detailed stories, the only hard evidence ever found against Michael was a photography book titled ‘Boys will be boys’ that was actually found in a locked filing cabinet. There were material of explicit nature in Michael’s possession, all legal. But… this book tho.

I found a very in depth story about it HERE the idea behind this ”legal to own” book is very disturbing and gets you thinking about what else is out there. Hidden in plain sight, even if you don’t care about any of this is a good read. Especially if you are parent.

The Money Thing

What’s the result of a lawsuit? What is the ultimate prove that you’ve got justice? Money! So is not uncommon or suspicious that they are suing for money, what exactly would they be suing for? A public apology maybe, but that’s the thing, Michael Jackson is dead and nobody can speak for him. We can’t be so focus on that, that is just how lawsuits work, we can’t hold it against them, but…

Considering that this is the second time around Wade is trying to sue (The first time his case was thrown out) after he was (allegedly) denied a job as a choreographer (Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson:One). Is understandable why people would focus on that. Now, Oprah’s After Neverland

I think that Oprah’s After Neverland is the best part out of this horrible bitter pudding. There is a  lot we get wrong when it comes to abuse, even the word abuse it self and how is perceived differently by a child in this situation. Like Oprah said, this moment definitely transcends Michael Jackson. Take some time to watch it.

Everybody Hates Wade

Is very interesting to read and watch people talking about how horrible Wade is as a person, as if some things he did in his 20’s would erase the fact that he was (allegedly) abuse when he was 7. It wouldn’t, it’s irrelevant, unhelpful and a little too desperate if you look at it carefully but…

Wade testified in Michael’s favor right? Yes, but… What would 21 years old (Height of your career, full of unresolved, unprocessed trauma) ‘you’ would do after been subpoenaed (compelled or forced) to testify against the man who opened every single door of opportunity you walked in?

Now What?

We still not quite there as a society when it comes to the abuse of man and boys. When male rape/ abuse still the butt of a joke in movies, TV sketches and even cartoons. We cannot hold it against the (alleged) victims the fact that they didn’t feel comfortable or safe to come out earlier. Or used what we thought to be the ‘perfect moment’ to come out.

There is no conclusion, even if Wade and James win their billions of dollars and even if they don’t. There’ll always be a ‘Yes, but..’ in this story. It doesn’t matter which side you are on. Is there a lot of conflicted information and bad acting in this documentary? Yes, but… Michael put himself in this situation. After he was accused the first time, it wasn’t innocent nor charitable, it was arrogant of him to keep on having these sleepovers. And accepting other people’s children into his home. There are other ways to help people, that doesn’t involve them sleeping in your bed. Yes, I guess we can all agree on that but… The parents? Oh boy, this could go on for months…