Lisa Eldridge Lipstick / A Luxuriously Pink Summer

Lisa Eldridge has come out with another (hopefully soon re-stocked) lipstick collection. From fresh AF lucent lipsticks to neon shock mattes. I only got two lipsticks this time as a bundle (I’m a sucker for bundles!) was not available this time around. I thought the lucent shades would not look as great on my skin tone now the shade “Go Lightly” is haunting me, as I see mid-brown olive skin tone girls rocking the lucent shades on IG!

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick


The texture is very interesting and almost indescribable. I’ve heard someone referred to it as ”spongy” and I think is the most suitable even though the application is far from it. Is super smooth one swipe shock! Just like the Velvet Collection is not as I call ”dead matte” it has the tiniest amount of sheen to it but you can easily matte it all up by blotting a little bit. But, even if you don’t it will still look pretty matte but without the dryness.

Lisa Eldridge lipstick pouch 2019

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

So, the colours of the makeup pouch reminded a lot of people of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Lipstick ‘Go Lightly’ is very familiar if you have watched that ”mailbox lipstick and perfume” scene. ‘Go Lightly’ is the reason why I am not going on and on and on about the lipsticks. So, I’m a bit bummed out I missed out on (apparently) the best shade of the collection. I’ll wait with my fingers crossed. And, hopefully, get the remaining shades and complete this post with swatches.

Lisa Eldridge lipstick

Summer Pouch

As you can see, the pouch this time is super cute and playful. Not as big as the velvet one and a lot more sturdy. I absolutely love Lisa’s zipper detail, I’ll never get tired of shooting close-ups of it. Again, The pouch is perfect for a handbag. I could easily fit several glosses and hand balms and it holds it all pretty well. I’ve got two of them and soon you’ll find out why.

Limited Edition *sighs* Again!

Unfortunately, these are Limited Edition AGAIN! Just like the velvet collection, it will be re-stocked and just like the velvet collection, it will be sold out in a matter of minutes. But the pouch did disappear from the site. And If you are like me and missed out on it, just like our 3 latest post & share this post on your IG stories for a chance to win this limited edition makeup pouch. The Winner will be announced at the end of July! Don’t forget to tag @emmanuellekus Good Luck!

Let’s stay tuned for a possible re-stock! Check Lisa’s Velvet Collection Here

Not Lisa’s but Shockingly Pink 

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