Support Your Local Businesses

This is just a quick post about something that is starting to bother me quite a bit as I become older and crankier. I now live in a small town and every now and then I visit my former favourite place in the world, Dublin. The city is now as depressing, overpopulated, dirty and generic as ever. I mean, how may Starbucks do a (wannabe London) city needs? I’m not sure, but 51is a bit much! Every time I go to Dublin is very clear the place is becoming a mixed mash of everything, everybody, full but also dull, nothing. Nobody, really. But one thing is for certain, they hate picking up their dog’s poop! And Dublin always had ”drunken vomiting on the corner” problem, but Jesus Christ! Is 2 pm and is Tuesday!

…Aaaand I’m Still Complaining…

You see, I arrived in Dublin at the end of 2008 recession was at its peak. Only those who truly loved Dublin stuck around and those who were brave enough opened businesses. These new brave businesses were very local, were very eclectic, were charming but most importantly they’re very Irish! And those very same brave businesses were the ones digging Ireland out of the hole. Now, Almost all of them are gone! When a city replaces a very much needed Garda station with a (chain) Coffee Shop, I mean…urgh. The best part of living in Dublin was the sense of community even though I was living in the Capital of the country. People used to say hello to each other, imagine that! Don’t get me wrong Dublin was never perfect, but it was still Dublin.


 All of the bad that I can now spot from the moment I arrive there sprung out of the lack of support locals receive from locals. Again, don’t get me wrong I honestly don’t know what I would do without Penneys, Lidl or even M&S when I’m feeling fancy. Is not all bad, but we need to be more aware of what’s is homegrown. And give that a chance first.
Because that is what makes your city, your city! All this money we dump on huge companies goes towards more shops, elsewhere. None of the wealth you are contributing to accumulating will better or even circulate in your city. As the world gets bigger and duller, we must buy local. We need to help local businesses so they can compete with the massive corporations that control most things, and kills a country’s identity product by product, shop by shop. Avoid the system and be the system that benefits your local community. Alright, rant over! Now let me go take my nap!

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