Photography/Art while Broke(N)

So about my photography the truth is, I didn’t  shoot for a very long time. The main reason was… Well, I’ve reached a point  where I’m forced to take the next step and run the risk of falling out of love. Out of love  with one of the two things that actually makes me happy. It sounds very dramatic, but that’s the problem with trying to turn something you love into a business. I’ve decided not to, not anymore (at least not in the traditional way) and I made it clear to myself (in a very depressing way). I just stopped, stopped shooting all together. And that is exactly what you should never do!

Photography is art and art is subjective. Even more so right now! When I look at my old and new work side by side it shows how far I have come. I’m a lot more comfortable with a camera. I can now tell a story through my pictures without needing much. Is literally me, the model and the camera most of the time. It was when I decided to complicate things, that it all went south. Focusing on all the wrong ideas when it came to the type of photography and style I’ve developed was a bad move. I combined that with a disastrous attempt to sell my photography to the wrong crowd and it became a failed recipe really fast, it destroyed my confidence almost completely.


So, what went wrong ?

I started to think that my camera was not good enough. That I needed money for more equipment, Photoshop my pictures more heavily, comparing my photos with those social media photographers. I was also looking for the approval and support from people. That approval and support never came and never will come, does that mean I should have stopped doing something that I love? No! It’s very clear that this post is by me for me more than anything else (lol).

But if you are reading this and you are also in a crossroad with your art, whatever it is. Don’t do what I’ve done, don’t wait for approval, don’t stop! It’s the worst thing you can possibly do. You’re not just stopping ‘it’ you are stopping your growth as an artist.

You are stopping possible friendships you might have formed along the way, you are stopping you from evolving, you are stopping your confidence, you are stopping YOU! The world is over-saturated with images now. Everything is labelled as photography ”the art of photography” so people are discrediting this profession more than ever. But honestly I don’t care, not anymore! I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing and only focus on my path.

Final thought 

People are always overlooking art and somehow art it’s always being made to keep on inspiring us. My pictures are not unique or special for a lot of people. It is to me! And, most of the time to the person I’m photographing. It makes me happy and it makes them happy, it’s an exchange of happiness, confidence, inspiration and a lot of fun too.

How many people can come back from a 9 to 5 and say all of that? Not that many, and that is unique and special enough for me. The final though of this long as* post is: We are not a lot of people, and a lot of people will not understand us. It does not mean we have to give in, give it up, get in line or simply stop. Don’t stop.

Don’t stop on your tracks because everybody else is going the other way, not everyone will understand or value your journey and that’s OK, it’s not for them to follow.

My Pick me Up!

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