Raphael & Book Decor / This post is as fast as lightning not going to write much. Just show a little bit how quick and easy it is to decorate and add some of your personality to your home. Jus using your already read books. And of course Raphael book photographic review and appreciation! The quality of the prints in this book is absolutely stunning. So stunning, you can actually take them from the book and frame it. Without damaging the pages as long as you are removing it carefully.
The pictures are not completely smooth. Is almost like you are looking at a replica of the painting rather than a photo, of course, it does not have as much texture as an actual painting. But this quality of the print is as close as it gets. It would be a tad too small to frame it and put on the wall but it would look rather charming on a shelf or desk. See below.

Raphael & Easy Going Book Decor 


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