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Lisa Eldridge, one of my favorite makeup artists has come out with her first (hopefully of many) lipstick collection. From a muted, earthy, brick red to a hot and fiery, bright orange/red. Velvet Jazz is actually inspired by 1930’s red lipsticks.These lipsticks are highly pigmented, creamy and hydrating. It’s matte with a bit of a sheen. If you want a 100% matte effect all you have to do is a bit of blotting. The surface of the bullet looks exactly like velvet fabric, it’s trully mesmerizing.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

Something New, At Last

I am not complaining here but, I believe the beauty industry have reach its Photorealism era. All of the beauty, uniqueness and romanticism of the Rococo era are now replace by pieces that might as well be a photo. It’s fiddly, time consuming work, but it makes you feel nothing. It’s not new, you can get it from a click from anywhere. It’s not special. This collection however gives us something new, gives us something special! The velvet look of the lipstick has never been done before and Lisa done it perfectly. Ironically, I would say it looks like a piece of art.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick


So, you can get the entire collection plus the gorgeous velvet bag or each item separately. It feels very soft and luxurious. And is the perfect size for a handbag, is actually surprising how many little things I could fit in it. I don’t want to be carrying this preciousness around all the time, but is rather tempting.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

Gold Classic

Anyone that has been following Lisa Eldridge on her social channels (there are millions of us!) knows that she is passionate about anything and everything vintage makeup. A lot of people were surprise that the lipstick tubes are not ”vintage inspired”. But Lisa made an excellent point ”…All of the things I have in my (vintage makeup) collection are from brands that created something new then for the era, or something of that time.They were forward thinking and that’s why they have stood the test of time”. So we got a gorgeous, sleek and classic gold packaging. No complains from my part!

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

Limited Edition 

Unfortunately these are Limited Edition, but Lisa has said in her promo video that the chances of her coming up with another collection are high. Not her exact words but, that’s what I got from it. At least that is what I want to believe! Regardless (I know, I know. It’s February) is already on my 2019 Christmas list!

Check her New collection HERE!

Not Lisa’s but Velvety 

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